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The following is a true story of me visiting a local park and being brave.

The pictures are of me.  I hope you enjoy.

I dare you to be brave, get naked, and share with me.

Driving into the parking lot, I count four cars in the parking lot.  As I exit my car and walk into the park, I start counting  the people I pass on my way to my favorite trail.  One… a handsome guy with cute smile.  We exchange smiles and hellos.  Two… a couple biking out of the park.  Three a man walking his dog, a nice smile and great eye contact. Four a hot shirtless guy jogging.  I smile and nod as I check out his great body. Chest hair that made me weak at the knees.  As I walk deeper, I wonder if I am alone now.  4 cars… 4.owners… I know better than to just assume I am completely alone… but it does make me brave.  

I take my shirt off.  Something I never do in public.  Not even in front of friends or family.  The sun feels good on my skin.  

The idea occurs to me that I could take off more.  Me naked… outside… when anyone could walk up on me.  Now that the thought has occurred to me… I get excited… I can’t NOT do it now.  Just peel my shorts and undies off and bam… naked…  it’s that easy.  It’s decided I am going to do it.  

I want to capture the moment.  Part of the fun is doing it… part of the fun is sharing it.  I find a bench and set up my camera on a timer.  It isn’t a horrible angle  I look both ways down the path… no one coming… 5 seconds…. I drop’em… naked… I’m completely naked.  The sun covers me in light.  My hear beats outside my chest, but I do it again… and again… and again.  I play with the angles of my body.  

Pulling my undies and shorts back up I enjoy the rush and look back at the captured pictures.  I continue to the next bench and like the tree that gets captured along with my naked body.  So much fun and I can’t wait to share these images… with you.  I put my shorts and underwear back on, but leave my shirt in my pocket.  It’s hot… and  my pale white body could use some sun.  

Just around the next bend in the road, a handsome man jogs past me.  The first person to see me shirtless in person in years.  He smile and says hello.  My heart races.  Did he see me taking pictures?  I would have seen him right?  He was jogging… I calculate the time in my head.  Maybe he saw me… maybe he didn’t.  I doubt he did, but I dream of him doing so.  

I get to the end of the trail and double back  I stop at my benches and take a few more shots.  The lighting is already different.  I finish my walk fully clothed and see a handsome shirtless guy with a fantastic muscular body walking with his dogs, parents and girlfriend.  I love the way the sweat makes his muscles the sun.  He keeps turning around, giving me a better look at his physique.  I walk faster to keep up, and follow them all the way to the exit.

This experience gave me the confidence to do the same thing on my next visit to the park.  Stopping at 5 or 6 benches.  Different angles… lots of nudity… and another close call.  I type this as I get ready for another visit to the park.  This is getting fun and addicting.  I think you should try it too.  

Be brave.  Get naked.  Take pictures.  SHARE them with me!

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Tri-naked Force


Tri-naked Force


That view when you crawl up from the end of the bed to eat that ass..


That view when you crawl up from the end of the bed to eat that ass..


Nice chunky legs and ass


Nice chunky legs and ass

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cumming in a bathroom. Text me on kik at westcub86

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That’s a hot daddy and a lucky boy.

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As promised!

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They’re not underwear - they’re the Nike swim trunks I wear to the local pool - but get them in the right light and you can still sneak a peek at what’s inside the package despite the sewn-in modesty panel…not even my speedo shows that much!  ;-)

(All my selfies are under the #gpoy tag here if you want to see more!) 

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Bang banged banging ; )

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